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The Sexy Mama Movement® was created for busy moms to feel sexy from the inside out, through community, coaching, and creative fitness. 

Hey there! I'm Luci, founder of the Sexy Mama Movement. Are you ready to get your sexy back, or maybe even find it for the first time? With four kids of my own, I totally get how the busy-ness and beautiful chaos of #momlife can make it extra challenging to prioritize our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. When we build up and celebrate each other and our sisterhood, we are so much more powerful! That's what this community is all about: empowering  moms to experience the freedom, passion, and aliveness we deeply crave. 

So many mamas have asked...

Where do we begin?

So I've created a Sexy Mama Starter Guide, along with a 5-video series, to support you on your path to an unapologetically sexy mom life. Simply enter your name and email address below. You'll get access to your guide right away, and your first video will arrive in your inbox tomorrow morning!

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The Sexy Mama tribe is powerful and fiercely feminine. We celebrate each other as women, mothers, and sisters. Join us at an upcoming event for fun and connection, an upcoming retreat for a transformative experience, or online in our private Facebook community.

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Sexy Mama Living is for ambitious entrepreneurial moms who are "doing it all." Experience lifelong bonds with like-minded mamas, coaching support from Luci on your entrepreneurial journey, and valuable feedback and engagement from our carefully curated group.

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Creative Fitness

What makes working up a sweat even more invigorating? Well, it depends! From Capoeira and Samba to twerking and pole-dancing, we've got you covered. Switch things up from your usual fitness routine, in a judgement-free environment.

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for the mom who's ready for more

A Bold, Unfiltered Guide to Sexy Mama Living

Brief and power-packed, The Sexy Mama Manifesto was candidly penned for the moms who want more in life: more connection, more passion, more aliveness, and a deeper sense of peace and unshakeable joy. The sexy life you want IS possible. Are you willing to do the deep work to create it?

In this wildly direct and uncensored book, mom and self-mastery coach Luci Lampe addresses the gap between the current reality of moms today and the sexy lives we deeply desire. The Sexy Mama Manifesto is a must-read for the mom who is seriously committed to creating a purposeful, impactful life.

Wake Up To A Life That Turns You On...

Wake up to a life that turns you on.

More than ever, moms are breaking the glass ceiling of what we once thought was possible in family, business, and health. Still, many moms are struggling with overwhelm and lack of motivation. What if ONE fundamental shift in the day could spark exponential growth in all areas of life?

Short, sweet, and direct, The Sexy Mama Morning awakens the human spirit and inspires readers into purposeful action. Discover a powerful sequence of daily practices proven to create the connection, peace, and passion our mama hearts crave.

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