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It's time to create the sexy life you've long dreamt about. I'm so glad you found the Sexy Mama Movement®. With four kids of my own, I totally get how the busy-ness and beautiful chaos of #momlife can make it extra challenging to prioritize our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. When we build up and celebrate each other and our sisterhood, we are so much more powerful! That's why I created this community, to empower each mom to live the free, courageous, authentic, powerful, SEXY momlife she deeply craves. Within this site, you'll find lots of cool resources, from articles and videos to podcasts and books! Don't forget to join the Sexy Mamas newsletter on this page, too, to stay in the know about exciting news and updates. I love hearing from other moms and would love to connect with YOU. Please feel free to connect with me, and join the Sexy Mama Sisterhood to connect with other likeminded mamas!

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Redefine Your Momlife & Mombod

No doubt about it; momlife has its unsexy moments. Between the wakeful nights, endless messes, diaper blow-outs, and projectile spit-ups, it's nearly impossible to poop in peace, let alone meditate or exercise. How are we supposed to deal?

In this practical and exciting book, Luci Lampe, author and Sexy Living Strategist, addresses the real struggles of momlife today, from self-love and fitness to stress management and sex. Achieving Sexy is for the millennial mom who's ready to live a life she loves in a body she loves.

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