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 You may have bLuci Lampe hat the overwhelm you feel as a mom can be “fixed” by cracking down on your schedule, organizing long daily to-do lists, and getting five full-time nanniesand r your kids. The problem is, none of that on its own can eliminate the guilt, overwhelm, or exhaustion we face as moms today...nor does it address what's really going on beneath the surface. 

If you've been beating yourself up for not being positive enough or not being able to get your shit together, it's  you've probably been fed a bullshit diet of false positivity and  pressure to be Instagram-perfect. But some of us refuse to follow those unspoken rules of modern-day motherhood. We refuse to be victims to our circumstances. We refuse to believe this is as good as it gets, or that we have to wait until our kids are grown to feel sexy, powerful, and badass again. We choose ourselves TODAY, owning our mess and our glory.

The Sexy Mama Movement® is a heart-centered, no-bullshit community for the mom who wants to connect with the wild, fun, free, authentic woman she is inside...

and unleash the sexy, badass woman within. 

Hey, mama. I'm Luci Lampe, founder of the Sexy Mama Movement. With four kids of my own, I totally get how challenging it can be to create time for ourselves as whole-hearted women connect with other moms in a deep, meaningful way. You know, outside of distracted, surfacey playdate conversations or religious contexts. For the first several years of motherhood, I felt so alone; like none of my mom friends really knew me or even really cared to know the "real" me. We'd talk about shallow stuff unless something really big and painful was going on, and then we'd get together and complain about it until the storm passed. Deep down, I knew there had to be another way. A way to share, connect, AND be encouraged and challenged to grow. The first time I experienced this kind of connection with a small group of women, I thought to myself, "these are some authentic bitches!" and I was determined to create this kind of culture within the mom community. 

Why? Because when we connect in a REAL, vulnerable, authentic way, we are so much more powerful in our sisterhood! That's what this community is all about: Creating the space for  moms to experience the freedom, connection, and aliveness we deeply crave. 

Many mamas have asked...

Where do we begin?

So I've created the Sexy Mama Starter Guide with an accompanying FREE 5-video series, to help you begin to connect with your sexy, badass side in just 5 days. Enter your name and email address below and you'll get access to your guide right away, and the first of 5 videos will arrive in your inbox tomorrow morning.

Here's to you and your sexy life, mama!


Awaken Your Sexy life & body

30 Days to Rediscover Your Morning and Your LIFE

Every mom deserves to experience a sexy life she's truly excited to wake up, in a strong, energized body that supports that sexy life.
Are you awakened to yours?
Moms today have dynamic, demanding lives. Between kids, marriage, health, and business, it's no wonder we're collectively feeling the weight of the world on our shoulders.
Whether you're okay with where you are in life or you're feeling like it's time for a major overhaul, here you are, with a sense that it's time for a shift.
If you're...

  • Feeling uninspired or unmotivated
  • Feeling distant from your partner or kids
  • Feeling like you're just going through motions day after day
  • Overwhelmed with the volume of tasks you have each day
  • Feeling a lack of confidence in yourself and/or your body
  • Waking up to a frenzy
  • Frustrated with how your mornings typically play out
  • Struggling to find your tribe


Ready for a change?

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paths to sexy


The Sexy Mama tribe is powerful and fiercely feminine. We celebrate each other as women, mothers, and sisters. Join us at our next event for an unforgettable day of connection, our next retreat for an immersive transformational experience, or online in our private Facebook community.

Those who are Sexy Mama Members receive discounts on all group coaching programs and paid events. To learn more about our next event, click below!

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Whether you're a mom entrepreneur looking for a way to "do it all" with less resistance and more inspiration, a married mama eager for transformation in her relationship, or a mama who simply wants to get more clear on her vision with a  loving kick-in-the-pants wake-up call, there's something here for you.

Moms in these coaching groups have experienced BIG shifts in their confidence, their marriages, their parenting, and their business productivity. Learn more about the entry-level coaching below, or scroll to the top and click on "coaching!"

30-day wake up


It's not a diet; it's a DRINK!

Rather than force yourself into another dreadful diet or grueling workout, dare to try something different. Feel the natural "snowball" effect of momentum as your body taps into its innate wisdom to heal and return to wellness and balance.

Gone are the days of mom brain, crappy sleep quality, energy slumps, and stubborn body fat. But don't just take my word for it (or that of thousands of other moms). Try it for yourself!


for the mom who wants transformation

A Bold, Unfiltered Guide to Sexy Mama Living

Brief and power-packed, The Sexy Mama Manifesto was candidly penned for the moms who want more in life: more connection, more passion, more aliveness, and a deeper sense of peace and unshakeable joy. The sexy life you want IS possible. Are you willing to do the deep work to create it?

In this wildly direct and uncensored book, mom and self-mastery coach Luci Lampe addresses the gap between the current reality of moms today and the sexy lives we deeply desire. The Sexy Mama Manifesto is a must-read for the mom who is seriously committed to creating a purposeful, impactful life.

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Wake Up To A Life That Turns You On...

Wake up to a life that turns you on.

More than ever, moms are breaking the glass ceiling of what we once thought was possible in family, business, and health. Still, many moms are struggling with overwhelm and lack of motivation. What if ONE fundamental shift in the day could spark exponential growth in all areas of life?

Short, sweet, and direct, The Sexy Mama Morning awakens the human spirit and inspires readers into purposeful action. Discover a powerful sequence of daily practices proven to create the connection, peace, and passion our mama hearts crave.

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Supercharge Your Momlife

How would YOUR life change if you had better sleep, amazing all-day energy, awesome mood, mental clarity, and superb fat loss? 

Join the many Sexy Mamas who are tapping into using fat for fuel and using ketones to power momlife!

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