About the Movement
Imagine a world where mothers experience their power. 

A world where we own a direct impact today, and create a ripple effect for generations to come. 

A world where we break the cycle of limiting patterns and beliefs, and take ownership of our own happiness, choices, and lives. 

A world where we model for our kids what's possible, and in doing so, become a part of the solution this world so desperately needs.
The mission of the Sexy Mama Movement is to empower moms to live a life they love, in a body they love.  We believe our kids are a reason, not an excuse. This community is about empowering YOU, mama, to live purposefully and healthily, so you can show up authentically for your life as the beautiful, sexy women you are, because sexy is a way of being.
About Luci
Luci is a mom of 4, author of Achieving Sexy, and founder of the Sexy Mama Movement®.  As a Sexy Living Strategist, she coaches high-performing career moms in creating their sexiest lives. Luci speaks on the power of mothers on world impact, integrating creativity with productivity, and building thriving relationships at home and in the workplace.
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