5 Components of Succeeding at Anything


“What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” That’s truly the billion-dollar question, and it’s timeless. Brush aside the image of what success should look like, and consider what success means to you... ......Continue Reading

The Centerpiece of Happiness


“Comparison is the thief of joy.” For so long, I wrestled with this statement, and couldn’t quite figure out why. I knew the heart of the message: don’t compare yourself to others, because comparison only leads to disappointment and self-inflicted pain. But what about those times we compare ourselves to someone we admire and are inspired to grow and evolve... 

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3 Childlike Qualities Inspiring Leaders Possess


What makes a leader inspiring? Is it her evident self-assuredeness, notable achievements, or high emotional intelligence? Yes, yes, and yes; but I’d also like to credit something we don’t often take into account...

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5 Ways Parenting Is Excellent Preparation for Executive Leadership


“How do you do it?” A question I often receive when others learn the various hats I wear and flip amongst throughout the day: wife, mom, life strategist, and serial entrepreneur. My secret? My kids. Seriously...

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Struggling With Business This Holiday Season? Here's How To Stay Afloat


’Tis the season to be jolly — unless your business is struggling so much that you start to wonder how you’ll get through the rest of the year financially, much less lavish your loved ones with gifts...

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Neurosexism: Fact or Fiction?


Tired of the rampant sexist speculation in regards to how men and women are “wired?” For example: men are great with a single focus but horrible at doing multiple things at once, and women are more intuitive but bad with directions... 

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