Interested in being an instructor?

Whether you have a course that's ready to upload or you're in the beginning stages of creating your course, the Sexy Mama Academy is a great place to share your expertise with moms who are eager to learn, grow, and transform.

Here's more on how it works to be an instructor:

Course Creation

If the instructor does not already have an online course prepared, she may use Online Course Creation 101 (OCC 101) to plan her course, create her lesson flow, and prepare the course for upload on the Teachable platform. Access to OCC 101 is free for Sexy Mama Members.

Course Upload

All courses are hosted on Teachable. Once a new instructor has her course content ready and is added to the “instructors” roster on Teachable, she may add her course to the Academy through Teachable at her own pace.


Courses uploaded to this platform are required to be exclusive to the Sexy Mama Academy and not available on other sites or platforms. Instructors may wish to upload multiple courses—for example, a 5-day course initially to build interest and get students results, and later on, a 30-day expanded course to go deeper.


The first ten mamas to successfully create and upload their course to the Academy will keep 100% of the revenue from enrollments to their course(s). Future instructors will receive 80% of the revenue from enrollments to their course(s). Payouts from each month will take place on the 5th of the following month. 

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