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Are you hustling like a badass in your biz...but at the end of the day, you feel like the spark is missing from your marriage, you’re not happy with the body you see in the mirror, and your kids see you frustrated and impatient more than they see you being joyful, powerful, and present?

Between feeling guilty for not doing enough with your kids, feeling unappreciated by your spouse, feeling ashamed of not taking better care of your body, and feeling overwhelmed by the demands of your business...it’s no wonder you find yourself feeling trapped in a loop of time scarcity. 

I know what it feels like, mama. A few years ago, when my husband experienced a loss of identity and slipped into depression for a couple years, I had to quickly figure out some big shit. Not only did I not have the support I needed from him with the kids, he was basically my fifth kid, and the most needy one! On top of that, I had to figure out a way to financially sustain our family working less than 20 hours each week, and have enough white space in my calendar to be fully present for my kids and husband. Not only that, I also committed myself to daily self-care practices to take care of ME, so I wouldn’t have to deal with more health issues.

Many days, I felt overwhelmed—like there just wasn’t enough time, or enough of me. Does that sound familiar? 

There came a time I refused to be a victim to my husband's depression and passivity, my kids' moods and tantrums, and my lack of motivation to work out or eat healthy. I'd suffered enough. It was time to OVERCOME and THRIVE.

I’m excited to say that not only did I manage to do that for myself, I’ve led many other mom entrepreneurs along the path to time freedom, so they can be POWERFUL and PRESENT, wherever they are.

By this point, I’m sure you’re eager to hear about the systems and tools that have been proven to work, and I’m eager to share them with you, within this program. 

For now, I want you to know that the solution is not to spend every waking moment with your kids, or to have sex every single night with your spouse. Nor is it to keep track of every calorie or exercise obsessively.

It comes down to three key things: vision, commitment, and integrity. That’s the foundation of this program. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? And yet, so hard. The truth is, NONE of us can do this alone, yet so many of us (including myself) have repeatedly tried to tackle everything...all at once...all by ourselves. Isn’t that insane?

I feel an obligation to share with you that it IS possible to be the mom you want to be, without the nagging guilt. It IS possible to be seen, heard, and acknowledged by your husband, without having to walk on eggshells. It IS possible to have the energy and the body you want, without having to sacrifice all your favorite foods or activities. It IS possible to lead and grow your business with purpose, clarity, and vision, without feeling burdened and weighed down by it.

...and I'm here to show you HOW.

What's Possible

A Present, Connected Family


If you've ever gotten sucked into your phone while your kids are trying to tell you something, and then feeling guilty for giving them half-hearted attention...and then justified to yourself how there's no other way for you to get your work done AND be with your family...you're not alone. More importantly, there is another way. Regardless of how many hours you work each day or week, it is possible to create moments of real, meaningful connection with your kids, every day. 

A Strong, Sexy Body


If you look in the mirror and feel unhappy or even ashamed of what you see, and keep telling yourself you’ll start working out or eating healthy later...if you struggle to muster up the energy you need to be at your best all day for your business AND your family...if you find yourself numbing uncomfortable emotions or stress with food or wine...you’re not alone there, either. Feel amazing in your body, break free of the midday exhaustion and brain fog, and feel confident in knowing you’re showing up your best to those you care about most. 

A Passionate Relationship


If you feel like you're alone in your marriage, like you're the only one doing most of the work at home, with the kids, and in yourself, feeling unseen and unheard...going to bed irritated, frustrated, and unsatisfied...there is a greater possibility. You CAN create something brand new where you experience your partner with more love, passion, and understanding, and feel even more deeply connected to your him despite the circumstances.

Included with your enrollment


A Multi-Dimensional Planner for the Multi-Dimensional Mom

Mom life isn’t one-dimensional, so why should your planner be? With The Sexy Mama Self-Mastery Planner, you’ll be led through setting purposeful, meaningful goals in the key areas of life, so you can experience the richness you really want in your life in self-care, business, marriage, and parenting.

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About the program


What Is This Program About?

This group is for the moms who are determined to find a way to “have it all”— the body, the well-being, the marriage, the family, and the business. In our Deep Dive coaching sessions, we'll uncover ways to: 

  • Create a solid self-care strategy that is sustainable and profoundly impactful on all other areas of your life.
  • Transform your communication with your husband or partner, without having to wait for him to step up.
  • Create meaningful moments and memories with your kids, without having to wait until the vacation or big trip.


Who Is This For (and NOT for)?

This group is for entrepreneurial moms who are committed to their vision for their health, their families, and their businesses. We’re really getting into the DEEP nitty gritty in this program. If you're not willing to go into the deeper inner layers of what's really getting in your way, such as triggers or unresolved pains, this group is not for you. This program offers a comprehensive approach for the moms who are willing to be open, vulnerable, and ruthlessly authentic, because THIS is how we uproot the old and create the new.


It truly takes a tribe, which is why I'd like to invite you to join this intimate group of moms who are committed to building up their businesses while creating unshakeable connection with their families. Because it IS possible, and as I've personally experienced on my own journey, no success in business is worth sacrificing what I want most at home. Fortunately, we can create successful, fulfilling businesses AND our families don't have to absorb the brunt of it. Let's "have it all" together, mama. 

Only five spaces available. 

Enroll below into this powerful group coaching program. It's sure to rock your world in the best of ways! 

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When Is It?

Deep Dive coaching sessions take place weekly on Mondays for twelve weeks, at 8:30am Pacific. To support you with the deeper obstacles within your relationships and self,  Breakthrough Sessions are also offered one Thursday evening per month.


What's the Investment?

The current investment for enrollment is a single payment of $3,500, or three payments of $1,250. The financial investment ensures all mamas involved are fully committed to themselves and their visions, so every member of the group can reap the benefits of being in a tight-knit coaching group of high-vibe, motivated mamas.


What Else Do I Need To Know?

Space for each group is limited to five women, to maintain a high degree of personal interaction and answer every question you bring to the table. You'll be coming joining a group of motivated, proactive mamas who are ready to rock 2019 alongside you.

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