Transform Exhaustion into Abundant Energy

Hey, my name is Luci, and I’m a mom of four. I know how crummy it feels to be chronically low on energy (EXHAUSTION), space out in the middle of important conversations (MOM BRAIN), and feel like crap when I snap at my kids (IRRITABILITY). 

Throughout the years, I’ve used lots of strategies to find some calm, take care of me, and get my sexy back. From meditation and exercise to healthy eating and sleep…all of these things have helped big time and continue to be powerful parts of my self-care routine. 

However, it wasn’t until I implemented this ONE particular thing into my day that things physiologically changed with my energy, focus, cravings, mood, and even fat loss! 

I found that I had no more mid-afternoon energy slump. 

No more intense sugar (and wine!) cravings.

No more mom brain or mental fog.

No more need to constantly snack. 

And most life-changing of all, I had an ABUNDANCE of energy to do awesome, memorable things with all four of my kids, with my husband, and with my friends...and I'm not the only mom whose life was changed by this incredible drink.

Check out some of the stories below, from other moms whose worlds were rocked by what we now call our “secret weapon” to a kickass, powerful momlife.

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from exhausted mom to vibrant woman

“It just made me feel like a BETTER person. I wish I found it earlier. I wish I could have been this way longer.”

overcoming survival mode

"I was just existing, I was just there. I wasn't living."

from sedated to alive

"I literally felt like I had a brand new brain. It changed my life. I'm more nurtuing, I'm more caring, I'm more loving, I'm more patient, I'm more kind."

unknown strengths discovered

"It's the people here. I wake up every single day and want to be a better version of myself because of the people here. I'm a BETTER wife, BETTER mom, BETTER friend. There's all these things about me that I didn't even know I was good at until I became a part of this community."

like a light switch being flipped on

"I knew what I needed to do, I know how I need to be eating, I just didn't have the tools to really bring it all together."

a heartbroken mom finds hope

"It was a sense of hope rather than hopelessness."

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